Capturing images of war in the air

A fateful change in strategy by the German High Command meant that the pressure was taken off the RAF airfields but this was proceeded by a vast attack on London by Luftflotte 3. Over 250 German aircraft dropped 625 tons of high explosive bombs and thousands of incendiaries on the London Docklands

London Blitz

At the end of this day, the Luftwaffe lost a total of 69 aircraft while the RAF Fighter Command 29. The British later named the day the “Hardest Day” to reflect the high casualties suffered by either side.

hardest day_luft gunner

72 Squadron intercept a formation of sixty-five Heinkel He.111 of KG26 escorted by twenty-one Messerschmitt Bf.110’s of 1/ZG76 over the North Sea

black thurs_He111